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I spend a lot of time wandering through my imagination and this page is filled with just a fraction of the outcome of those wanderings.

Absolutely anything on this entire website can be customized and made
 to  order.

Custom Orders

So, take a moment and let
your imagination roam, see what you come up with and
let me know your ideas.


We don't all have to be artists to be creative!

Power Amulets

Personal Mantra Bracelets



Katie-Blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, sterling silver & leather link... Mama Jo-Shell, wood & glass beads on knotted waxed cotton... Emerald Pearl-facetted emeralds & pearls on sterling silver links

Daisy-Citrine hearts, sterling silver & leather link... Tabitha-Aquamarine, pyrite & pearl on silk... Grace-Turquoise, pearl & sterling silver on silk

Rhodonite pendant and earrings Quartz crystal with copper stand
Red coral and turquoise pendant

Ammonite fossil pendant with sterling silver neck wire

Rose quartz and copper

Beaded candle holder/Sage burner

Copper wrapped fancy jasper spheres

Self healed quartz crystal with black tourmaline and copper
Mini window charm sun catchers

Chakra stone hanging

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